DnA Vineyards has been designing and crafting private label wines for national retailers for over 12 years. We maintain two vineyards in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties in California. Additionally, we contract from many premium growers in the region and make our wines in local, state-of-the-art facilities.

About Us

Dennis Patton

Dennis Patton


Dennis has been harvesting grapes and making wine for over 40 years and is considered an icon of Mendocino County’s wine industry. He is a sought-after winemaking consultant for wineries throughout Northern California. He site selects vineyards throughout Mendocino County and Northern California to make wines with unparalleled price/quality ratios for clients who include Trader Joe’s and The Wine and Spirits Guild of America. He directly sources and manages harvest and vinification for approximately 345,000 gallons of wines each year and expanded into Russian River Pinot Noir when DNA Vineyards moved to their Sonoma County vineyard in 2012.

Andrea Silverstein

Andrea Silverstein


Andrea has been solely employed in the wine industry for over 20 years. She worked for Southern Wine & Spirits/American Wine & Spirits as a premium wine and spirits account manager in many of the country’s most prestigious wine accounts located in the West Los Angeles marketplace. She then founded a corporation, PacRim Wines & Spirits, and spent 10 years developing a successful wine and spirits export marketing company servicing large corporate wine accounts in Japan. Since selling that business in 2008, she has been solely dedicated to managing all financial and administrative aspects of DNA Vineyards’ operations.

Patton is as concrete a symbol for modern Mendocino wine as Mondavi is for Napa. Both men are energetic, passionate and unblinkingly outspoken about the place they call home.

Tim Fish

Associate Editor, Wine Spectator



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Our Team

Sarah Bailey – Assistant Winemaker, MS UC Davis,
Viticulture and Enology

Michael Carroll – Executive Business Consultant

Tom Rackerby – CPA

eLocution Design – Multimedia Specialist, Label Design,
and Office Support

Designer Graphics – Label Design

Compli, Inc. – Compliance

Mendocino Wine Company – Custom Crush, Production, Order Fulfillment, and Compliance

Ukiah Wine Cache, LLC (DNA Partner) – Storage and
Order Fulfillment

Vintage Wine Estates – Custom Crush and Production

Paragon Label – Label Printing

Encore – Glass

Amorim – Corks

SAXCO – Capsules